How To Negotiate Sales

Sales NegotiationsIn a perfect world sales people would always sell to the top.  They would go straight to the decision maker who, of course, would say yes.  And so the sale is made and everyone lives happily ever after.

Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world, and if you think you can sell to the decision maker every time then you might be living in your own fairytale.

Look at it this way; you have made it into your prospect’s organization, but what do you do when you get there?  How do you get from the entry point to the real decision maker to make the sell?  To get to the decision maker you have to find the answers to the following:

How To Create A Sales Story That Sells

Sales StorySales Stories

The use of stories in business is a powerful tool that is used by the successful salesperson. Stories allow you to attract and engage potential customers, and help them to understand why they need your product or service.

Storytelling has been around for as long as we have had language. People of all cultures love a good story. I remember my own childhood and the many fairy stories I was told: Cinderella, Snow White, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, etc. These timeless stories have five things in common:

10 Essential Steps to Create Productive Meetings

Effective MeetingsYou only have to watch one session of NBC’s “The Office” to get an idea of what an unproductive meeting can look like.  The unfortunate thing is that many real time meetings are very similar to the fictional gatherings of Michael Scott.  No doubt you are familiar with the concept “death by meeting” – where poorly planned, unessential, none-inspirational, or meetings that produce no results are a big time and resource waster.  Let us have a look at 10 essential steps to create productive meetings that produce real measurable results.

The Essentials Of How To Provide Successful Customer Service

Customer ServiceServing is one of those principles that builds character and reputation.   A successful businessperson is one who understands the importance of service as well as their role in the community.  The valuable lesson to learn here is that real return only ever comes to does who have an honest call to be of service in their families, communities and business.

Preparing For Sales Process

The Sales ProcessThe discovery phase or the first meeting of a sales process is all about gathering information to allow you to qualify your prospect, allowing you to gather vital information to put together a personalized presentation and proposal for your next meeting.

During a discovery meeting or phone call most sales people are distracted by comments or issues from prospects they they have not prepared for.  To avoid this you need to be better prepared by:

Sales Prospecting

Sales ProspectingProspecting

How much prospecting do you do for your business? This is something that is often overlooked by businesses, sometimes we just make excuses or sometime we have a fear – a sort of fear of failure, or “I'm not good enough."  Prospecting does not always give you instant results, which is sometimes another reason people don't like to do it. Some people don't think they need to prospect because they have the illusion that their product or service "sells itself!”


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